Community Engagement

Expertise for Christian communities to engage with their local communities

Engaging varies in different contexts throughout the Christian community. Much of my Christian community work involves facilitating groups or organisations to achieve their potential, develop goals, and open opportunities.

Churches have endless opportunities to build strong relationships in their local community, and in doing so support and empower the people around them. Engaging with our community is an essential component of living a life modelled by Jesus. Jesus commands us as his followers to relate to everyone – friends and strangers alike – with the same grace and compassion with which God has related to us.


  • “Julie’s strength is in partnerships and relationships, and being able to respectfully facilitate and support the women (and orgs) that she works with in order to build their skills, knowledge and confidence to then be able to themselves lead and take action in their local communities."

    "Julie is able to identify information needs of the people she works with and uses her expertise to source evidence and resources, translating them into a format that specifically meets their needs."

    "Julie provides capacity building for organisations in a somewhat informal environment and at their pace, different to formal training, that acknowledges the long-term nature of putting theory into practice by working alongside orgs and women over a period of time, which encourages change that is sustainable.”

    • Renata Spiller
      Senior Health Promotion
      Women’s Health Goulburn North East