Family Violence Prevention

Educating Christian communities about how to respond to and prevent family violence.

Christian communities are called to prevent violence and have an opportunity to do so. In order to enact this we need to be educated about the attitudes, structures and norms that cause violence to occur. 


A Quick, Practical Introduction
For church people to support someone who is being abused


  • Please convey my heartfelt ‘thanks’ to Wesleyan Women Australia for their support of women’s ministry in the Solomons! Your encouragement, prayer and funding, provided through Project Boomerang, enabled both Julie  Tyler, Southern District Women’s Director, and June Qoranqana, National Director of Wesleyan Women Solomon Islands, to travel, lodge and minister together at the three District Women’s Rallies, held here late 2016. 

    The feedback I received from the National Superintendent, George Velopide, and each of the district women’s directors indicated theses ladies broached a most important subject that has commenced a much-needed conversation on the issue of family relationships and violence.  This has paved the way for action, involving local and district wide church communities, such that through ongoing education and support, both victims and perpetrators of abuse, can find freedom from the bondage that prevents them from experiencing the full depths of God’s love. 

    Indeed, I think the stage has been set for creating a new story in many people’s lives.  Through I believe your commitment to ongoing partnership between Wesleyan Women across our South Pacific Region will do much to see such a reality, come about.

    • Rev David Collins
      National Director of Theological Education
      Wesleyan Methodist Church, Solomon Island